Hunger or Gift

As a young man, I saw sex as a hunger.

It seemed that sex was a need, one I felt much more urgently than any women in my life.

With that mindset, sex became an exchange.

If I was nice to a woman, she may reward me with sex.

Then I met a woman who really loved me.
She enjoyed having sex with me.
She changed my life.
For the first time, I wasn’t taking something with sex but rather giving something.
My world became bigger, and I was aware of new things.
While I sometimes wish I was still with her, she has set a standard for my sex life.
If sextual desire in a relationship is clearly uneven, the cost of finding a different partner should be evaluated. The benefit may not always outweigh the cost. But in my experience, sex is always better with a partner who is usually as excited about it as you are.