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A man in front of a blank background, looking at the camera

“Hey! I’m Patrick”
“You live in Orange County, like me”
“Our community has a program for making kid’s fundraisers less painful”

Near a grocery store entrance, a shopper is walking to the way in. A little girl stands nearby. She is holding a box and wearing a scout uniform.
Blurred in the background, there is an adult also in a scout uniform, sitting in a chair.

Little Girl
“Wann’a buy some cookies?”

*Giving belly a jiggle*
“I don’t need any cookies, but I would love to hear what you get if you sell enough”

Little Girl
“I get to go to space camp”

“That sounds awesome”
“I wish to support this”

Little Girl
*looking at the box*

“Here’s my offer”
“If you can answer my test question, I will give 20 dollars”
“or all the money in my wallet if I don’t have a 20”

Little Girl
*slightly confused*

“You look like you’re in middle school”
“So this is a middle school word problem”

“If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half,”
“then how long does it take for one chicken to lay one egg?”

Little Girl
*thinking quietly to herself*
“a chicken… and a half…”

“You got this”
“just tell me what you are thinking”

Little Girl
“I’m thinking half a chicken is dead”

“um, no”
“It’s not a trick question”
“Just pretend the half chicken is an average or something”

Little Girl

“Here’s a hint”
“It’s a combined effort type problem”
“So the -more- workers you have, the -less- time you need”

Little Girl
*quietly to herself*
“So the chickens are workers…”
“one chicken… is less than…”

“Also, unlike other word problems, multiply everything into whole numbers isn’t gonna work”

Little Girl
*looks up*
“Is it a day and a half?”

“Very good!”
“That is the correct answer!”

*Getting wallet from pocket*
“I want you to give this to your parents and I hope they spend it on space camp”

*Handing a 20 to the girl*
“But really, it’s your money and I’m not going to tell you what to do with it”

Patrick in front of the blank background, looking at the camera