Ron's Offer

I’m Ron.

I was created with a painted face that moves.
This confuses the part of your brain that recognizes faces and may leave you with an unsettling feeling.
That’s why the camera doesn’t focus on me very often.

I’ve served billions and billions of you.
And I want to tell you:

You are beautiful.
And capable of so much greatness.

I have an offer for you.
The next time you see someone begging for change, treat them to a meal at my restaurant.
Don’t talk to them about getting off the street or finding sustainable income.
Instead, just see them as human and enjoy a conversation.
I’ll give you two for one on any meal deal, of equal or lesser value, with the purchase of a gift card $20 or more.

Bridging your world and theirs may be tricky.
It’s easier if you have already eaten with someone they may know.
If you need to, feel free to make someone up the first time.
Ask if they know Tomcat or ponytail Steve, then explain that you are hoping to buy them lunch.
If they refuse, thank them, and walk away quietly.
If they accept, enjoy your meal together.

Love is one of the greatest joys in life, share it with other humans.

I’m loving it.